•1 X Deluxe,Waterproof Backpack with reflective shoulder straps and two pockets for water bottles, keys, stop watch and a phone if needed. 

•5 X Strength Bands (2 Red, 1 Black, 1 Purple, 1 Green)

•1 X Skipping Rope

•1 X Anti Burst 65cm Stability Ball

•1 X Mini Foam Roller

•1 X Door Attachment

•1 X Recovery Ball

•1 X Hip Band

•1 X Reaction Ball

•2 X Mini Bands ( 2 different resistances)

•1 X Set of Agility Markers

•6 months of Exercise Programs that will go right to your phone which includes:
•24 X Fitness programs that are tailored for you, your team or organization
•12 X Fitness Blasts or shorter programs targeting different muscle groups

PLUS Special Bonuses: 

•6 Week running program that will build your base and then switch to speed and quickness training

•8 Week Skipping program that will improve your speed and and have you working towards multiple double unders in a row

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