What is Fitness in a Bag? 

Fitness in a bag is simply fitness where You are.  Most of the equipment that comes with the bag is portable and can be used anywhere

  • The workout programs come right to your phone on a FREE app

  • The workouts will increase your strength, mobility, speed and most importantly improve your confidence and competence in attempting new tasks

  • Many of the exercises include the pillar movements that we use every day in life.   Squat, lunge, push, pull and hinge exercises are the featured exercises in all the exercise programs

  • Not a lot of time, NO PROBLEM.  Twelve programs or Fitness Blasts are less than 10 minutes and  can be performed anywhere.  

  • The bag itself is a high-end backpack that is waterproof, so you can take it anywhere.

  • There are two side pockets that can be used for a water bottle and cell phone/keys

 Do all the fitness products fit in the bag? 

No.  The initial order has over 90% of the contents that fit inside the bag.  The stability ball is the one product that doesn’t fit in the bag when blown up.  The stability ball is so versatile and has so many programming options, we couldn’t leave it out.

 How does the program work? 

  • It will be simple.  Once you order Fitness in a Bag, you will be sent an email for a FREE app to download on your phone or tablet.  The programs will be sent and you can log in through your phone or tablet. 

  • You will be offered 24 FREE workouts and 12 shorter Fitness Blasts.  These programs will get you accustomed to the equipment contained in Fitness in a Bag.  You will have access to hundreds of videos and be able to use all of the equipment that comes in Fitness in a Bag.

  • The different workouts will be programmed every two days for the first month.  You don’t have to do the workouts in the order listed, as you will have access to all of them.  You can follow our prescribed path of training or create your own.   

  • You will be offered numerous training programs outside of the Fitness in a Bag options as well.

 Is there a workout for me? 

More videos are being filmed every day, and more programs will be created to meet everyone’s individual needs.  It doesn’t matter if you are a busy Mom, elite athlete or just starting athletics, there are customizable exercises and programs created just for you.

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