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Strength Bands

Strength Bands are an incredibly versatile tool for adding resistance to Speed, Agility and QuicknessTraining, Mobility Exercises, as well as General Conditioning. They are also ideal for body-weight training exercises such as assisted pull ups or push-ups. They’re made of 100% natural latex through a continuous layering process to ensure long life. Strength bands come in red (light), black (medium) and purple (strong).  There is also a green (extra strong) that can be purchased.



Door Attachment

The door attachment is a great tool to change the angle of resistance for any strength band exercise.  The door attachment can be placed anywhere in the door. Simple to use and incredibly portable.


Suspension Device

The Pro 3 Suspension Trainer comes with a door attachment, and ergonomic and durable rubber handles.  Designed to take anywhere.  The Pro 3 has endless possibilities and can be hung

from a tree, goalpost or doorframe.


Agility Markers

Perfect for having visuals or targets for various quickness and agility workouts options. So universal, they can also be used for basketball shooting drills, or for goal markers.  Great to use for making your own Dot Drill or to use in obstacle courses as markers for distance.


Mini Bands

Mini Bands can be used anywhere.  They are effective for dynamic warm-ups as they target your hips but some unique upper body exercises can also be done. The mini band can be taken from a desk drawer to enhance posture after long periods of sitting.


Skipping Rope

Skipping ropes help increase cardio while promoting quickness and co-ordination.  The ropes are cost efficient and durable for  different conditioning workouts.


Hip Band

The 3" loops are ideal and very comfortable for a range of different exercises and workouts.  The bands can assist you in abduction with squats, and multiple fitness exercise options.


Foam Roller

The mini foam roller is often considered more of a travel roller which can easily fit in a hockey, football or track bag.  This foam roller will benefit both warm-up and cool-downs in your sporting environment.


Reaction Ball

The reaction ball is useful in developing a variety of skills necessary for top sports performance.  Its unique, patented six-sided design allows it to pop, bounce, and leap unpredictably in different directions.  It's fun, simple, and incredibly versatile making it ideal for a variety of training programs at all levels.


Massage/Lacrosse Ball

A few minutes is all you need to a healthier and pain free body. This self-massage tool also limits the time you'll need to see a masseuse - you'll save money and time.  Ideal for the difficult spots in your body (glutes, upper back, IT band, and the arches of your feet)


Stability Ball

The Stability Ball can be used to train performance at all levels while providing an unstable environment.The instability of the ball engages multiple systems, challenges balance and boosts core muscle activation. The Stability Ball can also be used as a chair.



The handles will allow you to enjoy two ergonomic grip positions to limit injuries and allow for better muscle gains.

The grips can be used with the strength bands to allow for rotation at the wrist for a more comfortable and enhanced workout experience. It is great for chin-up improvement.

Image by Sebastiano Giuseppe Garilli


The secret sauce behind Fitness in a Bag are all of the programs and exercises that come directly to your App on your phone or tablet.  

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